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General Questions

Yes, for example, if you are paying $900/month for credit card processing, you will save $900/month ($10,800/year) with us. 

It’s the same as gas stations where they have a “credit” price and a “cash” price  (i.e. Your current price for your product/services).

These days, most, if not all consumers pay with Rewards cards and receive mileage points, cash back, etc.  Our Clients have found that their customers would still rather use their credit cards instead of saving a little bit by paying with cash.

We understand.  Please keep in mind that with our “Risk Free Policy”, if for any reason our FREE processing doesn’t work out for you, we will just flip a switch on our end and put you back on traditional processing.  We’ll just match your previous rates or lower them if we can.

We can also install an ATM at your establishment where you make anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per transaction when your customers withdraw cash from it.

Yes, the Supreme Court recently ruled that it is a First Amendment right for merchants to disclose a cash discount program or pass on a fee to consumers paying with credit cards. 

This program has been available in the U.S. since January 27, 2013.  

You may find out more about it on Visa’s and MasterCard’s web sites.

That’s great, but you are only minimizing your costs because you have to pay additional taxes on the extra income from manually charging a fee.  With us, we eliminate your cost since we line item the fee separate from your daily deposits so it is not considered taxable income.

Key Points

1.  Passing on the cost:  This ability for us to pass on the proper cost is essential to the success of the program.   Legally you can pass on the cost if you have a discount for cash option.  This can be in the form of other payment options like ACH or PayPal, etc. online and obviously cash in store. 

2. Understanding the software:  We developed a proprietary software that makes this all possible.  What is special about the software is that it calculates the correct % the customers credit card clears at and bills accordingly.  There are many factors that contribute to this rate but we are able to do this and pass it on at the point of sale very accurately.  Its a very complex software calculating hundreds of interchange rates.  This is what makes our software unique.

3. Savings:  You will save up to almost 100% of your current credit card fee’s and AVOID paying tax on additional income if you were to try and bill the customer yourself with a convenience fee.

EG: If you are charging your customers a flat rate of say 3% yourself you are paying a huge amount of tax on all this additional income at the end of the year.   By us passing this on to the customer at the point of sale, it does not appear as income to your business.  Therefore, if you pass the cost on yourself,  your net savings would be approximately 60% versus 99% savings with C Mart Technologies.

We also save you the cost of employee hours to manually enter the fee and avoid any human errors key entering the fee because our PROPRIETARY API automatically calculates the fee.

For example, it may be between 2.45% – 9.67% depending on:

1)  The type of card being presented (i.e. Rewards, Commercial, Signature Check, etc.)

2)  The way it is being transacted (i.e. Swipe or Key Entered)

3)  The amount of the transaction

This program was validated by Visa/MasterCard on January 27, 2013 and is applicable to all types of retail businesses as well those who would like to accept card payments via traditional terminals, mobile devices or eCommerce. 

Up to $250,000 Underwriting with same day approvals  – Fast funding  – Leverage future credit card sales to pay back

NO Up Front Costs · NO Application Fees · NO Collateral or Down · Payment Needed · NO Personal Guarantee · NO Pre-Payment Pentalty **

Just complete one-page application, provide 3 most recent bank statements and processing statements (Min. FICO score 475)

* NOT a loan, so will not show on your credit report

** Additional funding available before paying off previous advance

There are no interest rates but rather factor rates with cash advances.  It’s a fixed cost solely based on what you are using the funds for such as inventory, equipment, etc.

The program is unsecured (NO deposit, NO collateral and NO personal guarantee required) and pricing is driven by your business’ risk profile.

It averages about $70/day ACH from your credit card processing sales for X amount of months per $10,000 Cash Advance.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

Similar to a loan, a merchant cash advance provider allows you to borrow a lump sum that you repay. This is very different financing in most other ways, though. This is more of an advance than a loan. The borrower gets a lump sum and then the amount is repaid through a percentage of your daily sales (i.e. Cash and/or credit card).

The percentage, called a holdback percentage, is a fixed rate. But the daily amount of sales you have will fluctuate. So the amount you pay back every day will change, and that means this is a variable repayment term. It can take a few months to repay, or possibly a year and a half.

Another key difference is that you aren’t charged an interest rate. Instead, you will be charged a factor rate, which will  be determined by factors like your industry, how long you’ve been in business and how stable your company is.

For people with a seasonal business, where their income varies month to month, this can be a great solution. It can be intimidating to agree to a fixed monthly payment, like with a loan, when you aren’t sure what you’ll make in a month.

A merchant cash advance (MCA) allows you to pay based on what you earn.

Another advantage is that an MCA won’t appear on your credit report. So if you are planning for asking for a loan for something else in the near future, the MCA won’t be there.

How a Business Line of Credit Works

A business line of credit is also called revolving debt. You can think of this as a credit card. The financial institution sets a credit limit. You can use the money on your credit line as often as you want to and then you repay the amount you use.

Similar to a credit card, there will be a minimum payment you must repay every month, which will vary depending on your interest rate and the amount of the credit you’ve used.

You can continue to use and repay the amount on your credit line for as long as you keep the credit line open. The interest rates often change over time, meaning they are variable. You pay interest on the amount you actually borrow.

If you don’t use any money, you don’t pay any interest. This type of financing is usually a short-term financing option. They usually last for a year or less.

A business line of credit is a flexible option that is great when your needs fluctuate. So, a company with seasonal needs for financing may find that a business line of credit is a solid option for them. If a business owner needs to access funds repeatedly over time, a business line of credit is a convenient way to handle that. The borrower can use the amount of financing they need, pay it off, and repeat.


    Credit score: At least 625
    Time in business: At least six months
    Annual business revenue: At least $100,000

Soft credit check does not impact merchants’ FICO score.

Terms include:
    Line of credit amount: Up to $250,000
    Repayment term: Six or 12 months
    Repayment schedule: Weekly or monthly
    Collateral: Blanket Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing on business assets
    Personal guarantee: Required
    Speed to funding: As soon as the same day

    Interest rates: As low as 4.8% of the amount drawn for 26 weeks
    Expected APR: 15% to 78%
    Origination or maintenance fees: None
    Prepayment penalties or termination fees: None
    Additional fees: $15 wire fee; automated clearing house (ACH) is free

Example:  $10,000 line of credit at an APR of 15%, with a six-month repayment term, owe total repayment of $10,750

Free Shipping · 10.2″ Color screen  ·  Illuminated integrated topper sign  ·  Anti-skimming Technology  · 1,000 Note ($20 bills) removable cassettes  ·  Electronic Lock  ·  Lease to Own Program available  ·  Supports 5 Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese & Korean)  ·  Set $0.50 – $10 surcharge fee to the ATM users and pay off ATM fast

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